5 Year Player Service Awards

Here at your club, Menai Hawks, we have what we refer to as Player Service Awards.  These awards are presented each year & are given to players who play continuously year after year without a break.  We have awards for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 & even have 2 players marching towards playing for our club for 40 years continuously.  What an achievement!

This year we have decided to include all our Mini Hawks over the years in our Player Service Awards so a few catchup awards will be handed out also.

Players will be receiving their awards for their playing service at the end of the season.

Congratulations to the following people who this year have played 5 years continuously for the Menai Hawks:

Riley Feehan                                        

Brayden Maimone                                                              

Brody Elliot                                           

Jude Winney                                        

Christopher Ramsay                           

Christian Col                                        

Lincoln Gibson                     

Bairon Miller                                        

Emmett Pasquale                

Lara Tsavalias                                       

Connor D’Arbon                  

Liam Bruen                                          

Jackson Allan                                       

Tyson Meggos                     

Rhys D’Arbon                                      

William Elmer                                      

Patrick Richards                  

Corey Toms                                          

Maddison Brown                

Caitlyn Evans                                        

Lucy Gow                                              

Georgia Karountzos                            

Savannah Koster                 

Luca De Polignol                 

Zachary Walters                  

Connor Daniels                    

Patrick Moore                                     

Luca Wildeboer                  

Harrison Ambler                 

Lachlan Hamamdjian                          

Alexander Boyd                   

Graeme Butcher                 

Lily Popovic                                          

Ruby Sweet                                          

Bronte Stamos                     

Jessica Anceski                    

Paige Holmes                                       

Libby-Rose Boyd                 

Elana Brsakovski                  

Alarna Nicholas                   

Chloe Robertson                 

Thomas Duff                                        

Tyrell Heard                                         

Andrew Hollis                                      

Ayden John                                          

Samuel Pardo Sora                             

Petar Popovic                                      

Flynn Truman                                       

Chloe Anderson                  

Jordyn Faraj                                         

Kayla Misso                                          

Amy Stokes                                          

Brock Ramsay                                      

Jordan Sarkis                                        

Ashleigh-Jade Clarke

And to the following people who will be receiving their catch up 5 year continuous Player Service Awards:

Austin Watson-Notley  (2019)

Nicholas Barsoom  (2019)                 

Benjamin Dobson   (2019) 

Frazer Drake  (2019)                                          

Byron Farrugia  (2019)                                      

Elijah Saliba  (2019)                                            

Rory Golder  (2019)                                           

Koby Hellyer  (2019)                                          

Ryan Pinkerton  (2019)                     

Benjamin Roberts  (2019)                 

Luke Roberts (2019)

Andrew Diaz  (2018)

Cooper Papworth (2018)

Ethan Dogger (2018)

Max Farrugia  (2018)

Flynn McInerney  (2018)   

Keep a lookout, in the coming days we will announce more Player Service Award Recipients.

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