Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Following 2019 coach, manager and member feedback and in line with changes in FFA selection procedures, Menai Hawks FC has decided to update the club grading procedures and policy for 2020.

Grading Philosophy:

Menai Hawks FC aims to appropriately grade players that have the potential to:

  • Enjoy their soccer
  • Develop their skill and ability
  • Play with team members of similar skill and ability.
  • Perform competitively in relative age / grade.

All players must attend grading. Player unable to attend may be allocated to a team having regard to player numbers. Players unable to attend grading but wanting to try out for higher division sides must make application in writing to the Grading Committee. The Grading Committee decisions will be final.

All grading reports will remain CONFIDENTIAL to the Grading committee and are used to perform a preliminary grading and support the actual placement of players into teams.

All Menai Hawks football club grading decisions and procedures provide equal access and inclusion to all participants. Grading will be conducted with player fairness, equality, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity in mind.