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Active Kids Voucher Scheme

As you may well have seen in the press and with the recent change in local NSW government, the Active Kids Voucher Scheme has been modified and from 2024 and going forward the scheme is now means tested with $50 vouchers for those eligible for the new scheme available from 1st February 2024.

The implications of this for the 2024 season are as follows …

  • The existing (non-means tested) ‘Active Kids’ scheme covering the second half of 2023 will now run through to 31st January 2024. If you have not yet used this $50 voucher from the second half of 2023 you can still apply for and use the voucher for your 2024 winter football registration as long as you apply for the voucher and register in PlayFootball by 31st January 2024.
  • The new (means tested) ‘Active and Creative Kids’ scheme is then available from 1st February 2024 and you will be eligible to apply for this new voucher IF …
    • your child is a NSW resident and aged between 4.5 and a8 years of age, AND
    • you receive Family Tax Benefit Part A, Part B or both

More information on the schemes can be found here

Vouchers are available by clicking here

You will need an active Service NSW account, your child’s Medicare card details and their height and weight. Once you have completed the online application you will be emailed a voucher number.

If eligible and applying for a voucher, please make sure that you have obtained your voucher number first before you commence online ‘playfootball’ registration as you will need to enter the voucher number during the online registration process to obtain your $50 discount

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