COVID-19 Safety Update

This message is designed to remind and update you on the latest measures and restrictions in place and how they impact football in the Sutherland Shire. Your attention is particularly drawn to the new limit on spectators laid out in section 1.

You are no doubt aware of the seriousness of the escalating COVID-19 situation in Victoria and will have seen and heard of several pockets and clusters developing in Sydney.

The NSW Government has today issued a directive to all sporting organisations including community sport and soccer outlining additional measures required to help minimise the spread of COVID-19. These measures apply to all our programs MiniHawks, MiniRoos, Juniors and Seniors with immediate effect. (i.e. from Saturday 18th July 2020)

1. Spectators

To help minimise the numbers at grounds, attendance must be limited to a maximum of the player and one accompanying attendee. We have been tasked with ensuring we are taking all reasonable efforts to minimise attendance. In turn we ask for your assistance please in implementing this measure.

2. Who should not attend games;

The following people (players, spectators or officials) should not be attending …

i) Anyone who has been in Victoria in the last 14 days.

ii) Anyone who has been in attendance at any of the NSW hotspots on the defined days as laid out at

iii) Anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms.

iv) Anyone at high risk – e.g. elderly and/or with existing medical conditions.

3. Some other tips to stay safe.

• Arrive at the ground already dressed to play.

• A reminder changing rooms remain closed.

• Leave the ground immediately after the game has finished.

• Bring your own water bottle and do not let anyone else use it.

• Players should avoid unnecessary contact outside of playing football e.g. shaking hands, celebrating goals, high fives, team huddles.

• For competition teams ID cards should be checked by opposing team managers ahead of the start of the game. There is to be no team line-ups on half-way before the game.

• Spitting is not permitted at any time including spitting on gloves by goalkeepers.

• Players and Officials on reserve benches should remain socially distanced by 1.5m.

• Spectators should remain socially distanced by 1.5m.

• Contactless hand sanitiser stations are available at both Buckle Reserve and Casuarina Oval. Many other grounds around the Shire have similar facilities. Please use them regularly.

• Every team has hand sanitiser in their kitbag. Please ensure this is used regularly. Please ask for more if you have used it up

• Soap and paper towels are available in all bathrooms. Please use them and encourage regular hand washing.

• Floor distancing has been marked out for BBQ queues. Please adhere to the 1.5m social distancing.

Please help us to help you to keep our community safe and to ensure we can all continue to enjoy our sport.

The Menai Hawks Executive

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