2024 Junior Team Lists

We are really pleased to announce our Junior Teams for 2024.

XX Updated 29th Feb with new regos / amendments XX

Please access via this link

A few pointers …

⚽️ These lists are ungraded (A, B, C etc) at this stage. Once grades are finalised by SSFA updated team lists with these grades will be published here on Weds 6th March

⚽️ The order of the teams within an age group (Team 01, Team 02 etc) is not necessarily the order of the final graded sequence

⚽️ If you have any query or question with these lists please address via email to info@menaihawks.org.au

⚽️ We still have a few Coach and Manager positions available. Please let us know if you are interested in one of these rewarding roles

What does the next few weeks leading up to the season start look like?

  • Coaches and Managers will be invited to season launch meetings next week 6th and 7th March, invite out in the next 24 hours
  • Coaches and Managers will receive contact lists of their players this coming weekend
  • Coaches and Managers will be in contact with their teams following this to discuss training / trial games etc.
  • Trial games are being arranged for the weekends of 16th/17th and 23rd/24th March
  • The season itself commences the weekend after Easter 6th/7th April