Active Kids Voucher Scheme

The NSW Government has allocated $207 million over four years to establish Active Kids which is a program to help NSW families meet the cost of getting their kids into sport and active fitness and recreational activities. The program takes the form of a $100 voucher available to parents/guardians of school enrolled children. The $100 voucher can be used to help cover registration costs for sport and fitness activities and football is part of this program. Every child (4.5 - 18 years’ old) enrolled in school from Kindergarten to Year 12 will be eligible for an Active Kids Voucher. The scheme is not means tested and one $100 voucher is available each year for each child covering the Jan-Dec period.

Because the voucher applies only to school-enrolled children, the scheme is not available until 31st January 2018 (i.e. after the schools have returned following the summer break). Vouchers can be claimed via Service NSW either at or by attending any Service NSW location. The voucher will contain a code and this code will need to be inputted as part of online registration at to claim the $100 discount. Note that if you have several school-enrolled children you will need to apply separately for a voucher code for each child.

Because the voucher scheme is not available until 31st January 2018 there are two registration options available to you from 4th January when registrations open:-

  1. Wait until 31st January 2018. Then apply for the Voucher code from Service NSW (either at or in person at a Service NSW location). Once you have the voucher code then register with Menai Hawks (either online at or at Buckle Reserve on the nominated dates) entering your voucher code when requested to secure your $100 discount
  2. As an alternative you can still register with us from 4th January up until 30th January prior to obtaining your voucher code. An option will be available to you to take a ‘$100 deferred payment discount’ during registration pending supply of the voucher code. To follow this option, register your child in the normal way at but when you get to the payment screen select the option ‘purchase additional items’ and within here select the ‘Active Kids deferred discount’ option. This will apply a temporary $100 discount to your fee in lieu of you obtaining and supplying the voucher code. From 31st January you can then apply for the voucher code from Service NSW (either at or in person at a Service NSW location) which you should then submit to the club at to finalise registration of your child. Please note that your child’s registration will not be finalised until either this voucher code has been received by Menai Hawks or the outstanding $100 has been paid.

Further information on the scheme can be found at

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